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FreakShow Deluxe Merchandise!

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Red Skelly Logo Short Sleeve T - $20

 Skelly Logo ss Tshirt (RED) This 50/50 blend red shirt has a the FSD Skelly logo (created by Doug P'Gosh) silkscreened on the front. Sizes small to 3Xlarge. 
(model: Miss Malice Aforethought)



Black Skelly Logo Short Sleeve T - $20
Skelly Logo ss Tshirt (BLACK)

This 50/50 blend black shirt has a the FSD Skelly logo (created by Doug P'Gosh) silkscreened on the front. Sizes small to 3Xlarge.
(model: Reverend Tommy Gunn)



Glow In the Dark Skelly Logo Short Sleeve T - $20
Skelly Logo ss Tshirt (GLOW IN THE DARK)

This 50/50 blend black shirt has a the FSD Skelly logo (created by Doug P'Gosh) silkscreened on the front in GLOW-IN-THE-DARK Ink!! Sizes small to 3Xlarge.
(model: Grennan the Green Monster)



Glow In the Dark Conjoined Skull Logo Short Sleeve T (2 sided) - $20

This 50/50 blend black shirt has a the FSD Conjoined Skull logo (created by Talia Fernandez) on the back and the FSD Creepy logo silkscreened on the front in GLOW-IN-THE-DARK Ink. This is an great shirt! Sizes small to 3Xlarge.
(models: Kyle Johnson & Krystal Kurio)



Freak Trucker Hats - $20












Adjustable (one size fits most) mesh back trucker hat features an FSD logo on the front, and the word FREAK on the underbill - wear it up or down!
(models: 1. Dakota the Bearded Lady; 2. Kyle Johnson & Krystal Kurio; and 3. Reverend Tommy Gunn)



Embroidered Beanie - $20

These high quality beanies are embroidered with the Conjoined Skull logo (by Talia Fernandez) and the words FreakShow Deluxe. Look great and keep your head warm, too! Comes in red or black.

(model: Grennan the Green Monster)



FreakShow Deluxe Cigars - $10

These 42 ring, maduro wrapped, torpedo shaped cigar features a band with the FSD Skelly logo (created by Doug P'Gosh) and emblazoned with our motto: "A Carny Smokes a Cigarette, But a Showman Smokes a Cigar."
(sold for novely purposes only)







FreakShow Deluxe Can Coozie - $6

We promise this coozie keeps your beer colder than any other coozie on the market! Emblazoned with our FSD Creepy logo - it features words to live by: "No Cerveza - No Trabajo" 








Set of Four Buttons - $8

This set of four high quality 1" punk-rock style buttons look great on jackets, bags & more!
- FSD Carny logo
- FSD Creepy logo
- Skelly logo 
(created by Doug P'Gosh)
- Conjoined Skull logo (created by Talia Fernandez)





Set of Five Stickers - $10

This set of five high quality stickers (each approximately 3"-4") look great everywhere.
- Do Not Try This At Home logo
- FSD Creepy logo green
- FSD Creepy logo white
- FSD Carny logo

- Skelly logo (created by Doug P'Gosh)





Embroidered Patches - $6

These 3" sew-on cloth embroidered logos are really awesome! Conjoined Skull logo (created by Talia Fernandez) are round on black or red; Carnies Must Wear Pants On the Lot logo are shield shaped.



Official FSD Shrunken Head - $8

The Official FSD Shrunken Head is fun AND educational, too! Modeled after actual tsantsa, this will look great hanging from your rearview mirror or on your Christmas tree.







FreakShow Deluxe's Showman's Blend Coffee - $16

FreakShow Deluxe's Showman's Blend Coffee - exclusively from the Turtle Creek Coffee Company - is aged in whiskey barrels and roasted to perfection. Wakes you up faster than a bed of nails!












Collector Photo or Pitch Card Sets - $6

Get the exclusive set of four full-color photos featuring Reverend Tommy Gunn, Miss Malice & Winnie the Clown;


Get a set of three pitch cards featuring various members of the show (these vary as to who we have on hand). You can ask for specific cards, but we cannot guarantee availability. COLLECT THEM ALL!

All photos & pitch cards are 4"x6"



Collector Wooden Hammers - $5

Collectible wooden hammers have an FSD logo, and the handles are wrapped for a colorful display.
Let us choose the style, please.




Set of Chapbooks - $6

This set of five small booklets are presented for your edification. A lot of learning in a little package. Includes:

- Quotes from Edgar Allen Poe
- Quotes from Werner Herzog
- Outlaw - thouhts on being an outlaw
- See You On the Backlot - an excerpt from the book by Thomas Nealeigh
- Jack Info: the Dayton Files - an excerpt from the online book by Thomas Nealeigh



FSD Dog Tag Keychain/Necklace - $6

Regulation-size dog tag with bead chain and fastener. Makes a great necklace, or cut down for a keychain. Colors and designs vary - let us decide.






FreakShow Deluxe Hot Sauce - $15



The FreakShow Deluxe Apple Cinnamon Hot Sauce is available NOW


FreakShow Deluxe partnered with the Hella Hot Hot Sauce company to create a brand new sauce! Part of master Kyle Colson's SIDESHOW line of hot sauces, this amazing concoction has wonderful flavor, great heat, and goes wonderfully with everything!








Purchase our soundtrack directly from

Own FreakShow Deluxe's amazing soundtrack!

Purchase it right now at:

FreakShow Deluxe is often asked at shows where we got our phenominal theme song and amazing original music we use in our shows -- and the answer is it written by our own Brother Daniel the Demented and is recorded by his band: Brother Daniel and the Black Sheep

The new album, HERE COME THE FREAKS, is now avaible for digital download -- casts should be handing out the web address at gigs all through October  -- but you can now download to your smartphone while watching the show RIGHT NOW! (how cool is THAT?!)


Check out FSD's video for the song HERE COME THE FREAKS:
Check out the song ZOMBIE KITTY: