Reverend Tommy Gunn founded the FreakShow Deluxe in 2001, then pushed the company's move to Hollywood in 2004 when he opened the Empire Amusement Hall. People started calling him the Best Talker On the West Coast in 2008 - and no one has disagreed since. Author, playwright, lecturer, historian, and entrepreneur - he is your Minister of the macabre, parson to the phantasmagorical & self-styled object of your affections; your Reverend is also the mouthpiece for the morbid, vicar of victimization, apostle of the appalling & purveyor of the more dangerous arts! The Reverend has worked hard to find the most interesting sideshow performers, the loveliest burlesque dancers, seriously vicious vaudevillians, and the best polished acts of danger he can put on any stage -- all so that you, the audience, will have the best time. Ever.

There is no act your Reverend Tommy Gunn cannot do.


Miss Malice Aforethought originally started working with FreakShow Deluxe behind the scenes as a Company and Stage Manager in 2004. However, it did not take long before the lovely lady with the glasses and the great big... boots began hitting the stage with a vengeance - Miss Malice began performing dangerous grinder stunts and human blockhead routines in 2006. She also risks her own life and limb holding targets for whip and knife-throwing acts. Currently she is Sergeant at Arms in the FSD organization, and focusing more on management than performing.

Miss Malice Aforethought knows how to keep both the audience and the company on its toes!


The Professor, fresh from the hallowed halls of academia, emerges from his ivory tower to explore and illuminate, explicate and elucidate teh world of sideshow. Do not be fooled by his diminutive stature, for he is born to a family of giants and carries himself as such. Since a chance meeting with FreakShow Deluxe in 2008 ended in an offer for him to join the show, this gentleman has established himself as a bona fide talker, daredevil and, to the ladies, the 4-foot 7-inch willing beneficiary of their affection.

The Professor is, without a doubt, the biggest little man in show business!


Brianna Belladonna is a force to be reckoned with! Not only is she beautiful, but there is nothing she cannot do -- from sword swallowing to fire-eating and everything in between. And we mean EVERYTHING! Holding many world records, featured in the infamous Las Vegas show "Freaks," and often seen with FSD's friends the Venice Beach Freakshow on the boardwalk, she first performed with FreakShow Deluxe at the Imperial Showgirls grand re-opening in December 2010.

Brianna Belladonna has been chosen as the world's sexiest sword swallower by Bizarre Magazine.


Kino B. Demented is our punk rock princess, our mohawked maven, she's the pretty girl in the outfit totally inappropriate to wear to the grocery store (they tell her every time she walks in). She was scouted by FreakShow Deluxe after seeing her perform with Florence, Kentucky's own Pickled Brothers Sideshow. After seeing her cutting her teeth while on tour through her town, FSD originally invited her to join the company for a single performance in 2009 - then asked her to become a full-time member soon after that. She lends her skills to video production and photography when not on the stage.

Kino is a man-eater, gentlemen (acquitted!).


Zachary Strange first became associated with FreakShow Deluxe during his numerous performances at the Empire Amusement Hall before accepting an invitation to join the company in 2006. Known as the macabre magician, drawing influences from the spookshow and old horror movies, Zachary is also an Associate Medium, performing the Houdini seance at Hollywood's famed private club for the illusionist elite, the Magic Castle.

Zachary Strange performs illusions, sleight of hand, and is known to eat sharp razor blades wthout injury.


Kasey Rose may have already been an incredible contortionist, aerialist and acrobabat - but after performing with FreakShow Deluxe at the Hollywood Fringe Festival in 2011, she decided to become so much, much more! Before too long she was braving broken glass, standing on sharp blades, and swallowing all KINDS of things in the name of entertainment! Luckily for us, she decided to become a full-time member in 2013.

Kasey Rose is taking us to new heights as our high-flying contorting cutie!


How, exactly did Raven Lunatic end up working with the FreakShow Deluxe? He was in the crowd when the troupe performed at the Club Cal Neva in Reno, NV in February 2010 - he even came up on stage to participate as an audience member - and then he realized what he really wanted to do with his life. Raven debuted with the show during the Hollywood Fringe Festival in June 2010, resisting the sharp point of an arrow to his throat  - then a scimitar to the back of his neck. Now he tours the circuit, pushing the envelope and taking the risks.

Raven Lunatic's life will be the same, Nevermore!


Kaleb Kane began, at 12-years-old, performing professional events billed as the World's Youngest Professional Magician & Illusionist. Upon discovering Kaleb's impressive prestidigitation skills, he was invited to perform with FreakShow Deluxe at the premiere Dayton, Ohio event, "Masquerage," in October 2009. After an amazing demonstration of his ability to keep even the most jaded audience paying attention to everything that the young man does - including escapes and big illusions - how could FSD deny him an opportunity to join the show? Now a bit older (but still not old enough to drive), Kaleb continues to gain momentum and fans.

Are you prepared to enter the Amazing World of Kaleb Kane?


The Amazing Christopher started out helping FreakShow Deluxe behind the scenes until finally one night he was unceremoniously yanked from backstage into the limelight to perform in front of an huge crowd at the Middletown Haunted Train in October 2009 - and quickly earned the nickname, "Amazing!" He fearlessly took everything thrown at him (including darts, a bed of nails, some concrete blocks AND a sledgehammer) - then grabbed some knives and started throwing back.

The Amazing Christopher is a real anomoly: a white male in his mid-20s with no body modifications of any kind! You will never see his like in your lifetime again ~


Jonny Panic had an accidental run-in with the Freakshow Deluxe in 2008, when he was cast in the premiere of the musical "Flawedville." Smitten, Jonny has been mimcking these masters of the macabre trade and learning to do exactly what every mother tells you not to do ever since. It would seem that no amount of straightjackets and chains can contain this strange young man, and he has even been seen dabbling with the burning and the piercing objects that might send any audience into a PANIC ATTACK! Currently, he is in Japan overseeing FSD's introduction to the island nation.

Jonny Panic created the YouTube series "Amy and Jonny's Amazing Saturday Morning Jubilee!" with Amy Amnesia.


La Pequeña Arañita, the Little Spider, began performing on stage with FreakShow Deluxe at the age of 3 in 2011. Though she appeared in a variety of shows, is was not until her "official" appearance at the 2011 Sideshow Gathering in Wilkes-Barre, PA in front of a capacity crowd performing the FreakShow Family bed of nails act that she truly began to gain popularity. In addition to assisting with various acts, she is the Bravest Little Girl On Two Continents, a demon with a hula hoop ~ and queen of the withering look.

La Pequeña Arañita... we affectionately call her "the evil one."


The Green Monster grew up at the Empire Amusement Hall - even taking his first steps there onstage in 2005! He began performing professionally with the FreakShow Deluxe at only 4 years of age, making him the World's Youngest Professional Sideshow Performer. After appearing at several private events, he made his official Hollywood debut during the troupe's award-winning performances at the Hollywood Fringe Festival in June 2010, performing the Bed of Nails act. In 2012, after plenty more stage and television appearances, he added a knife throwing act to his repertoire.

The Green Monster is the World's Youngest Professional Knife Thrower!


Joey DynOmite is a six shootin' siren - the Annie Oakley of the sideshow from the orient! Using a hammer as a gun as she shoots multiple nails into her skull through her nose. She began traveling with the FreakShow Deluxe's Los Angeles Skeleton Crew in 2012 with a ladder of machetes at her side and a bed of nails to sleep on... ready at a moment's notice to bring her special something to the stage. She keeps it coming even when she is not on stage with her design company: Vodka Vixen Designs: flyers, graphics, cakepops & more.

Joey is a little firecracker is sure to add some DYNOMITE to any show!


Winnie the Clown was found wandering Hollywood's Theatre Row by the Werereverend Vincent Wolf in 2012. She began as a humble card girl at his BOOM! BAM! POW! Show, but quickly developed an appetite for steel and debuted her sword swallowing skills shortly thereafter. Ever since, Winnie has been gleefully gliding down a slippery sideshow slope through tennis racquets, over shards of glass, onto beds of nails, and into boxes riddled with blades.
Winnie is sideshow's silly sweetheart!


Krystal Kurio came to work with Freakshow Deluxe through her good friend Winnie the Clown. This winsome wonder has performed in venues as small as the underground art galleries of Orange County and as large as AT&T Park in San Francisco. She specializes in sword swallowing, but--due to an insatiable desire for MORE DANGER--keeps her sideshow repertoire ever expanding. She has also been working her way up through the ranks and is an officer for FSD.

Honestly - we never know what curiosity Krystal will do next!


Whodini 1692 is a strange one! Caught by Wereverend Vincent Wolf for an FSD show in Oakland in 2013, he soon joined the Los Angeles Skeleton Crew, then toured with Ward Hall's World of Wonders Circus Sideshow, performed at the Venice Beach Freak Show, Circus Vargas, and even made "top performer" at the Queen Mary's Dark Harbor! Known as the Strange Strongman, he is one of only 20 people in the world who perform the dreaded Eye Lift! He also performs LOTS of other acts including sword swallowing.
"Whodini! You Bastard!" - Chris Pittman of Guns & Roses


These members of FreakShow Deluxe may be "retired" from performing, but are still an important part of our family.


Amy Amnesia may not remember that she trained by Coney Island’s Sideshow School, or that she is impervious to pain and injury, but a little coaxing is all it takes to get her to demonstrate her amazing abilities to remain unscathed in piles of broken glass, imperforated on beds of nails, and unbroken in animal traps. After a visit to the Empire Amusement Hall reawakened her passion for the sideshow arts, she appeared as a guest performer with FreakShow Deluxe several times before remembering to join the troupe in 2006. Our lives have never been the same since.

Amy Amnesia retired in late 2015 - but still appears on stage when not busy in law school.


Eerie De Scent first crossed paths with the FreakShow Deluxe while the were situated next to each other at the Pasadena Doo Dah Parade in early 2008. Smitten with their demented ways, she brought her own bag of tricks full of fire, stilts, weapons and surly attitude - then found that she was impervious to pain, playing with glass, traps, metal sparks and much more. What is more, Eerie is as much a virtuoso with the technical aspects behind the scenes, as she is with the implements of destruction upon the stage. Follow Eerie's smirk and she'll lead your DeScent to someplace darker.

Eerie De Scent retired from her work with FSD at the end of 2015.


"Cap'n" Johnny Business originally began performing with the FreakShow Deluxe in 2002 when it expanded from being a two-man comedy stunt show to a 6-member cast at Clear Channel's X-Fest. Since 2004 he has maintained an exclusive, yet teasing, on-again, off-again relationship with the troupe. But, recently, things have changed for him and he has become ALL ABOUT Business! And, thus, a new name - and a new era. He is the host of the variety extravaganza "Cap'n Johnny's Whiz Bang."

Cap'n Johnny Business retired in 2015, but still designs and creates many of the show's amazing new banners and props.


Brother Daniel the Demented, after performing with company members at various shows throughout Hollywood and beyond,was invited to accompany FreakShow Deluxe on piano during its first appearances at the Magic Castle. Within minutes of the first show of the week, it was obvious this was a match made in heaven. After becoming a part of the troupe in 2007, Br. Daniel composed and recorded its theme song and is sometimes known to accompany the show on piano & guitar. He composed the music & lyrics for the show "Flawedville."

Brother Daniel the Demented retired at the end of 2015, but still does music & sound work for FSD.


Ghoulia - trained by the greats at Coney Island's Sideshow School - jumps, uninjured, on broken glass. She escapes straightjackets, chains and other restraints with ease and grace. She pounds nails into her head, unimpeded, performing the blockhead act. Plus so much, much more. Ghoulia first met FreakShow Deluxe at the Empire Amusement Hall, and accepted an invitation to join the company in 2006. In addition to performing, she also designs flyers, banners and much more for FSD. She oversees the organization's operations into the Northwestern United States.

Ghoulia retired in 2014, but still does design work and is willing to appear on stage if the opportunity arises.



Kitty Karloff is a true product of Hollywood:  the perfect combination of brains, beauty and boobies – brought to life amid a storm of Tinseltown’s own special lightning! Kitty may have started her career as the silent assistant to George the Giant at the Empire Amusement Hall, but in 2005 she took to working with longtime friend Rev. Tommy Gunn as part of FreakShow Deluxe. Once performing, she used her showgirl image to her advantage, surprising everyone with her astounging ability to remain unhurt on the sharp edeges of physical adversity. Kitty Karloff is part sideshow, part burlesque… and more woman than you can handle!

Kitty retired from actively performing in 2014 - but is still a part of our hearts.


Frankie Fairlane, under the pseudonym the Devil's Plaything, arrived at the Empire Amusment Hall to become a part of FreakShow Deluxe in 2005. Frankie emerged from a mysterious past with the uncanny ability to overwhelm audiences with her completely uninhibited lack of fear. She ascends her ladder of machetes, unharmed. She manipulates sharp blades and whips as easily as she captivates the hearts of those who adore her. While not currently performing on stage with FSD, she is using her artistic skills to design flyers and graphics for the company.

Frankie Fairlane officially retired in late 2015 - but still does design and graphics work for FSD.


Wereverend Vincent Wolf, while working his regular gig as the doorman of Hollywood's Empire Amusement Hall, was invited onto the stage to perform with FreakShow Deluxe one night in 2005 — and we kept him on stage as long as we could! His manipulation of fire is breathtaking — sensuous and captivating. If that were not enough, Vincent also eats glass and swallow swords - and continues to add to his substantial collection of oddites and live tarantulas. He founded the Los Angeles Skeleton Crew.

Wereverend Vincent Wolf retired at the end of 2015 - but still appears onstage sometimes and consults for FSD.


Meet the Associate Performers with your FreakShow Deluxe!


Jack Dagger is King of Fling, the Sultan of Sling, and the Harbinger of the Hazardly Thrown Items! Boyish charm and rakish good looks do not diminish his amazing skills as an Impalement Artist - or his work with a bullwhip. Jack Dagger is the real deal:  a world-recognized champion and artiste with the sharp, shiny thrown objects.

Jack Dagger first performed with FreakShow Deluxe at the Empire Amusement Hall in 2005.


They do not call her Bendy Bonnie for nothing! She comes from a renowned circus family - she can compress herself into a tiny box, fit herself through a squash racket - and can contort herself into amazing positions. An accomplished aerialist and acrobat as well, you will want to put her in your pocket and take her home with you!

Bendy Bonnie met FreakShow Deluxe in 2007 - then performed with them for the first time in 2008.


Aye Jaye is the real deal - he comes from a circus family, then grew up traveling in his uncle's traveling carnival. He is not just an accomplished talker and a consumate performer, but he was the first ever Ronald McDonald, a member of the Academy of Magical Arts, AND he created the stage show, Carny Trash.

Aye Jaye first worked with the FreakShow Deluxe with his production of Carny Trash at the Steve Allen Theater in 2008.


Molly, the amazing aerialist, comes flying through the air with the greatest of ease from the renowned Flying Morgans circus family! Additionally, she is an amazing acrobat and belly-dancer and, if that were not enough, partnered with her sister, Bendy Bonnie, they become the macabre dance duo known as The Morbid Sisters.

Molly first performed with FreakShow Deluxe at the Masquerage in 2009.


Digger the Beast emerges from the wilds of Scotland (via Seattle), and joins the show whenever he is off the road as the Sadhu Hobo. Digger pounds lots of nails into his head, pierces his face and sews heavy objects to his body with a needle & thread. There are few risks this kilted sideshow beast will not challenge in his quest to entertain.

Digger the Beast, the Sadhu Hobo, first partnered with FreakShow Deluxe at the Empire Amusement Hall in 2005.


Ginger "the New Girl" Ail is utter proof that it is the quiet ones you have to look out for. Ginger was around for the beginnings of FreakShow Deluxe, having been an associate of Reverend Tommy Gunn before FSD even started. She may seem innocent, but took to dangerous acts and mayhem like she was born into it... and perhaps she was.

Ginger Ail first performed with FreakShow Deluxe at Indianpolis's PT's Showclub in June 2012.


La Cholita:  From start to finish, La Cholita's performances are exhilarating and seductive. Her dynamic moves, elaborate one-of-a-kind costumes and larger than life stage presence have earned her awards and respect around the world! She began appearing with FreakShow Deluxe at the Empire Amusement Hall in 2005, appearing with them at the Magic Castle in 2009. Her band, La Cholita & the Kreeps, provides some of FSD's show music.

La Cholita, "the Latina Queen of Burlesque," is Los Angeles' very own royalty:  fall on your knees before her.


Angel Beau has been a friend of FreakShow Deluxe for many years. She is the New Wave Erotic Vaudeville! A feature entertainer, she has toured with the Suicide Sirens, Winner of the 2015 EDI West Most Extreme Show, 2015 EDI West Newcomer, and was 2015 Xtreme magazine's Miss Xtreme June. She has also appeared on Criss Angel Believe on Spike TV, Vegas Brides on TLC, and in the video for Soundgarden's "Crooked Steps" music video among many other things. Angel appears as a Feature on stages at clubs all over the United States. We are thrilled whenever she has time to be with us!

Angel Beau first appeared with FreakShow Deluxe at the Texas Showdown Festival in El Paso in 2014!


Dangerous D became friends with FreakShow Deluxe when we met at the 2010 Sideshow Gathering in Wilkes-Barre, PA. Originally starting in Baltimore, D moved to Los Angeles in 2013 and we started working together soon after. He became a regular member of the Los Angeles Skeleton Crew as well as appearing at the Venice Beach Freakshow, on television, and on stages all over the place! FSD company members often appear as part of his Dangerous D Shock Show - and he lends his talents as a talker to FSD shows when he can!

Dangerous D first performed with FSD in Wereverend Vincent Wolf's BOOM BAM POW show in 2013.


Take a look at some of the other great people your FreakShow Deluxe works with!

Featuring the BEST of
Hollywood's Burlesque Beauties

La Cholita
Bonita La Belle
Kat Bardot
Charlotte la Belle Araigne
Penny Starr, Jr.
Lucy Fur
Jewel of Denial
Vixen Violette
Victoria Vengeance
Quin T Sential
Fever Blister
GoGo Amy

Featured Musical Artists

Br. Daniel & the Black Sheep
Daniel Hoppkinz, Burl-esquire
Creature Feature
Naked & Shameless
The Peculiar Pretzelmen
Justin Tune
La Cholita & the Kreeps

Featured Special Guests

The 999 Eyes Carnival of the Damned
The Engima
Eak the Geek
Todd Robbins
Joe Fox
Rev. Mitcz
Cowboy Max
George the Giant
Michael Todd
Chelsea Keene
Markham the Magnificent
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Tonya Kay
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Juliette Storace
the Pickled Brothers Sideshow
Marilyn Rising
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Kory Cutlip
Black Scorpion
Bella the Bendable Beauty
Murrugun the Mystic
Lil Miss Firefly
Jamie Stroud
Shelly Guy
Angel Beau
Dangerous D
Eric Odditorium
Reggie Bügmüncher
Tinderbox Circus Sideshow
Brian Chick (R.I.P.)


BJ Winslow of Dapper Cadaver

Technical and Other Assistance

(without which we could not function)
John Knabe - props & artwork
Kevin Koeppe - props
Kitty Karloff - stylist
Joanne Cenida - graphic design
Julia Young - graphic design
Talia Fernandez - graphic design
Andrew Cox - website
Grimm - photos
Pictor Photography - photos
Jorge Vargas - photos
Dan J. Seigerman - photos & video
Andrew Copp (R.I.P.) - video
Brett Copes - rigging
Clay Van Sickle - rigging
Rebecca Himot - scripts
Melanie Watts - miscellaneous
Ben Courtney - miscellaneous
**Eleana Jordan - fan club president