Frontier City's FrightFest 2015



At the same time FreakShow Deluxe was providing other shows around the Los Angeles area and for the Georgia State Fair in Atlanta - FSD was retuning for our fourth season for the entire month of October at Frontier City Amusement Park's annual FrightFest in Oklahoma City! A different show every weekend with all the classic carnival-style sideshow stunts in an amazing PG-13 rated show. The show filled the Opera House Theatre nearly EVERY SHOW EVERY NIGHT!

Featured every weekend were (left to right): Krystal KurioReverend Tommy Gunn, and Miss Malice Aforethought! Not pictured is Winnie. 'Cause she's a clown. ;-)

FSD has been asked to return to FrightFest in 2016 - we look forward to seeing you there!.