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FreakShow Deluxe partnered with the Hella Hot Hot Sauce company to create a brand new sauce! Part of master Kyle Colson's SIDESHOW line of hot sauces, this amazing concoction has wonderful flavor, great heat, and goes wonderfully with everything! Order a bottle today!!

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FreakShow Deluxe is often asked at shows where we got our phenominal theme song and amazing original music we use in our shows -- and the answer is it written by our own Brother Daniel the Demented and is recorded by his band: Brother Daniel and the Black Sheep

The new album, HERE COME THE FREAKS, is now avaible for digital download -- casts should be handing out the web address at gigs all through October  -- but you can now download to your smartphone while watching the show RIGHT NOW! (how cool is THAT?!)

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Check out FSD's video for the song HERE COME THE FREAKS: http://youtu.be/SFx68goheww?list=UUycE6sHYOV93zB84PLyjGHQ
Check out the song ZOMBIE KITTY:  http://youtu.be/QwHZoeev0qs



This video was featured on Alt News, episode 15.01. Features Reverend Tommy Gunn, Miss Malice Aforethought,
Raven Lunatic, Kaleb Kane, Grennan the Green Monster, and La Pequeña Arañita!

Freakshow Deluxe from Matt Sloan on Vimeo.