How To Do Sideshow For Fun & Profit


How To Do Sideshow For Fun & Profit

How To Do Sideshow For Fun & Profit is a self-contained, one-person show, created for & by FreakShow Deluxe. This one-hour theatrical show features an "audience volunteer," who performs to a mysterious how-to record album teaching sideshow stunts. An album recorded by someone who is obviously up to no good! As the performance continues, the stunts get more dangerous - and the laughs get louder and louder.

This show has been featured at:
Faux/Real Festival - New Orleans, LA
Infringe Festival - New Orleans, LA


* Show length approximately 60 minutes.
* Raised stage is ideal, but not required.
* Lighting: dimmable general wash. Sound: play music files, no microphones required.
* Suitable for most audiences. Not recommended for children under 6.
* Complete show features (subject to change): Human Blockhead, Animal Traps, Broken Glass, Human Cutting Board, Pierced Weightlifting, Bed of Nails, Fire, and an option for Human Pincushion.
* Single acts are available in this format.

Album design by: Talia Fernandez
Show written by: Thomas Nealeigh & Jonathan Farnsworth
Recording by: Daniel Hopkins