FreakShow Family Show


The FreakShow Family Show

Meet the "First Family of Sideshow" - a real family of four amazing performers who have appeared on television and live stages in the U.S. and abroad - they have been featured on television's America's Got Talent Little Big Shots (both in the U.S. & Australia), featured live in FreakShow Deluxe's award-winning show at the Hollywood Fringe Festival and chosen as Performance of the Weekend at the Southern Sideshow Hootenanny in New Orleans.

This award winning full-length theatrical show of comedy, sideshow stunts, western arts, mentalism & magic has thrilled audiences form coast to coast with this family-friendly, fun filled show with a message of togetherness.


  Grennan the Green Monster: born in East LA in 2005, the Monster is a 3rd generation performer.

  He took his first steps on the FreakShow Deluxe's Empire Amusement Hall in Hollywood, CA.

  Began performing onstage at the age of 4. Started throwing knives on stage at age 7.

  Television features include: Nickelodeon's Figure It Out doing the bed of nails when he was 7;
  Knife throwing on America's Got Talent when he was only 8-years-old;
  Also appeared knife throwing on Steve Harvey's Little Big Shots (NBC); and
  Internationally on SuperKids (Sat 1 - Germany) & Little Big Shots Australia.


  La Pequeña Arañita: born in Hollywood in 2008, the Little Spider is a 3rd generation performer.

  She spent her first day home from the hospital at a FreakShow Deluxe show in Hollywood, CA.

  Began performing on stage as soon as she could walk. 

  Television features include: NBC's America's Got Talent when she was only 5-years-old;
  Assisting her brother's knife throwing on Steve Harvey's Little Big Shots (NBC);
  Was the Monster's target girl on Germany's Sat 1 television's SuperKids; and
  Performed her contortion act on Little Big Shots Australia.


  Miss mAlice Aforethought: is the Queen Bee of Sideshow!

  She was already an established performer, having appeared with the Tulsa Ballet & others.

  Began working with FreakShow Deluxe in 2004 as a stage manager, and then a performer.

  Featured performances include: The Full Throttle Saloon on TruTV - and at the famous bar;
  Headlining the infamous & exclusive venue, The Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA;
  Wowing crowds at the Tim Burton-themed Beetle House LA dinner theatre; and
  Amusement Parks from Carowinds in Charlotte, NC to Wild Waves in Seattle, WA.


  Reverend Tommy Gunn: is the founder & El Jefe of FreakShow Deluxe!

  He was already an established actor & performer before starting FreakShow Deluxe in 2001.

  After establishing the company, and its original theater, your Reverend began expanding beyond simple haunts.

  Featured appearances include: NBC's The Late Late Show with James Corden;
  Several seasons at The Full Throttle Saloon in Sturgis, SD & on it's TruTV series;
  Featured on Discovery Channel's Time Warp; MTV's Room 401; Sabado Gigante on Univision; plus more; and
  Live shows from Coney Island's Sideshow by the Seashore to Hollywood's Magic Castle & every place in between.

This show has been featured at:
Delta Fair & Music Festival - Memphis, TN
The Ludlow Theatre - Ludlow, KY
The Brightside Music & Event Venue - Dayton, OH
Horrorhound Weekend - Indianapolis, IN
The Joint - Little Rock, AK
Therapy - Dayton, OH
Southern Sideshow Hootenanny - New Orleans, LA
Frontier City Theme Park - Oklahoma City, OK
Hollywood Fringe Festival - Hollywood, CA



Check Out a Video Preview:

Click here for a more complete example of the show.

* Show length approximately 2.5 hours: 3 acts with 2 intermissions.
* Raised stage required, and must include backstage area.
* Lighting: dimmable general wash. Sound: play music files, 2 microphones.
* Suitable for most audiences. Not recommended for children under 6.
* Complete show features (subject to change): Human Blockhead, Ladder of Blades, Traps, Hula Hoop, Human Cutting Board, Bed of Blades, Grinder, Glass, Knife Throwing, Contortion, Whips, Blade Box, Juggling, Mentalism, Lifto, Bed of Nails, Human Pincushion, Balloon Swallow, and Fire-Eating/Breathing.
* Shorter versions of the show are available.


Original masks created by John Knabe Artworks.
Modified masks and FreakShow Family Show logo created by Julia Y Illustrations.
Banners created by Julia Y Illustrations from photos by Dark Mannequin Designs.
Photo 1 from Gary Cox.
Photos 2, 3, 7, 8, 9 & 19 from FreakShow Deluxe.
Photo 4 & 5 from Eric Deeter at ED Photography.
Photo 6 from Kevin Foureman at Dark Mannequin Designs.
Photo 11 from Electric Coyote.