Winner of the 2010 Hollywood Fringe Festival's Award for Best Cabaret/Circus!

FreakShow Deluxe hits the stage like a raucous freight-train - full of sexy performers, stunning visuals and a sense of humor that keeps the audience enthralled. Like the voice from a bygone era, the FreakShow Deluxe comes straight out of America's mythology. It is a dark vaudevillian extravaganza that keeps spectators coming back for more.

FreakShow Deluxe is not a "collection of glowing light" or "avant garde tribal culture" - it does not pretend to be "immersed into otherworldly magic" or "marching into the stratosphere on the wings of imagination..." FreakShow Deluxe certainly is NOT made up of "outsider artistic children that never grew up" who wish to "travel upon a modern day pirate ship."

FreakShow Deluxe is about the REAL. It deals in flesh and blood; in pain and pleasure; in flame, fire and sharp pointy things! It treads that fine line between the dastardly and the divine with danger, laughter and finesse. With FreakShow Deluxe's company of professional entertainers, it's actions prove the amazing and the astounding --

FreakShow Deluxe makes the impossible possible.

FreakShow Deluxe Returns to The Gathering of the Juggalos

Wednesday, July 26 through Friday, July 28, 2017 - All Day
The 18th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos - Lost Lakes Amphiteater & Waterpark, Oklahoma City, OK

The 18th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos
Lost Lakes Amphitheater and Waterpark
3501 NE 10th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73117

All ages - Ticket prices vary; camping available
Check the event website for more details

Your FreakShow Deluxe has been invited to return to The Gathering of the Juggalos for another year - this time at a NEW location!

The Gathering has moved to a waterpark in Oklahoma City, OK - and you KNOW your FSD loves Oklahoma City!

Appearing each night at Bizarro World - your FSD will bring some of the freaky flavor to that all night party like we do every year! PLUS there will be stage shows as well! As always, we'll have special guests and special surprises. You never know what you may see going on - so come and hang with FSD at The Gathering!

FreakShow Deluxe Returns to Scare LA

Saturday, August 5 through Sunday August 6, 2017 - All Day
Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles Convention Center
1201 S Figueroa St
Los Angeles, CA 90015
website -
event -

Tickets: $20-$50
All Ages

FREAKSHOW DELUXE will be doing something BIG at this convention! Something never before seen at ScareLA!!

ScareLA premiered in 2013 as the first fan convention dedicated to Halloween. Situated in the entrtainment capital of the world, it combines LA's top talent and unique setting with a twist! The weekend-long Halloween teaser celebrates California's scariest faire with attraction unveils, workshops, classes, industry panels, haunt tours, screenings and activities. Share, inspire, play - ScareLA!


*200,000 sq ft of Halloween mayhem in the middle of the SoCal summer
*Curated collection of 250+ exhibitors showcasing scare good & services including a FreakShow Deluxe booth!!
*Celebrity and expert panels on the haunt business and horror entertinament
*Sneak peaks and unveils of the most anticipated local haunts and events
*Performance by horror theatre companies and musicians especially show by/with your FreakShow Deluxe!!
*Professional demos of makeup, set building, costuming & animatronics
* Hands-on workshops taught by top industry professionals for all ages
* Screenings of over 75 original horror films, documentaries & shorts
* Mini-haunts, interactive experiences, games, roaming monsters, cosplay and MORE!

FreakShow Deluxe Appearing Nightly at Beetle House LA

Grand Opening is Saturday May 20, 2017;
Nightly Wednesday through Sunday 5:00 pm until 11:00pm
Beetle House LA - Hollywood, CA


FreakShow Deluxe nightly at
Beetle House LA
6356 Hollywood Blvd
Hollywood, CA 90028
business website:
make reservations for Los Angeles:
make reservations via email to:

Your FreakShow Deluxe has been contracted exclusively to provide amazing & weird sideshow, cirque, & circus-styled entertainment for your pleasure!

Make your reservations for dinner, and come celebrate the freaks, weirdos and nerds in a place built JUST for you to dress up & let you freak flag fly! Make reservations today to come dine & drink because EVERY DAY is Halloween!! MAKE RESERVATIONS - this place is usually sold out!


FreakShow Deluxe Opens NEW Online Store!

Been wanting to show how much of a fan you are of your FreakShow Deluxe? Been wanting to load up on all the latest FSD swag, but can't get to a show? Someone stole your FSD gear you just got?! 

Whatever the reason - you can get the latest FSD shirts, hats, specialty coffee, and so much, much more - ONLINE! We take PayPal or credit card. 

Check out:


FreakShow Deluxe Soundtrack ON SALE NOW

Own FreakShow Deluxe's amazing soundtrack!

Purchase it right now at:

FreakShow Deluxe is often asked at shows where we got our phenominal theme song and amazing original music we use in our shows -- and the answer is it written by our own Brother Daniel the Demented and is recorded by his band: Brother Daniel and the Black Sheep

The new album, HERE COME THE FREAKS, is now avaible for digital download -- casts should be handing out the web address at gigs all through October  -- but you can now download to your smartphone while watching the show RIGHT NOW! (how cool is THAT?!)


Check out FSD's video for the song HERE COME THE FREAKS:
Check out the song ZOMBIE KITTY:



This video was featured on Alt News, episode 15.01. Features Reverend Tommy Gunn, Miss Malice Aforethought,
Raven Lunatic, Kaleb Kane, Grennan the Green Monster, and La Pequeña Arañita!

Freakshow Deluxe from Matt Sloan on Vimeo.

The Southern Sideshow Hootenanny 2016

The FreakShow Deluxe cast at The Producer's Show for The Southern Sideshow Hootenanny, featuring (left to right): The live band that accompanied us: The Ford Theatre Reunion, Reverend Tommy Gunn, Winnie the Clown, La Pequeña Arañita, and Grennan the Green Monster. Miss Malice Aforethought was there - but unfortunately got sick on the way down and so could not perform. (photo by John Forquer)

The Second Annual Southern Sideshow Hootenanny in New Orleans, LA is the only event of it's kind: a convention and conference of sideshow professionals! It is the only place to see performances by, get workshops taught by, and hear lectures from the tops in the industry -- all in one place! FSD attended the first year, and is now one of the producting companies (along with FreakSheaux to Geaux & Olde City Sideshow). 2017 is already on the books - do not miss it!

Frontier City's FrightFest 2015


At the same time FreakShow Deluxe was providing other shows around the Los Angeles area and for the Georgia State Fair in Atlanta - FSD was retuning for our fourth season for the entire month of October at Frontier City Amusement Park's annual FrightFest in Oklahoma City! A different show every weekend with all the classic carnival-style sideshow stunts in an amazing PG-13 rated show. The show filled the Opera House Theatre nearly EVERY SHOW EVERY NIGHT!

Featured every weekend were (left to right): Krystal KurioReverend Tommy Gunn, and Miss Malice Aforethought! Not pictured is Winnie. 'Cause she's a clown. ;-)

FSD has been asked to return to FrightFest in 2016 - we look forward to seeing you there!.

Superkids on Germany's Sat 1 2015

Grennan the Green Monster grew up with FreakShow Deluxe - taking his first steps on the stage of our Empire Amusement Hall in Hollywood - appearing on Nickelodeon, America's Got Talent, lots of local television. His little sister, La Pequeña Arañita, went to a show her first day out of the hospital and has traveled all over the country doing shows.

Finally, the world got wind of them! A German TV show for the Sat 1 channel, Superkids, got wind of The World's Youngest Professional Knife Thrower, and The Bravest Little Girl In the World, and came to Hollywood to see them (meeting the FSD family at the same time), then brought them over to appear on the show! Watch a video of it HERE. We made some great friends!

Relaxing in the green room after their appearance (left to right): La Pequeña ArañitaGrennan the Green Monster, and your Reverend Tommy GunnMiss Malice Aforethought is not pictured - but it could not have happened without her.

Colonial Market & Fair at Mount Vernon 2015

FreakShow Deluxe also offers shows specifically for historical events, too! And who would know better if they were any good that General George Washington - first President of the United State - who only invites the best to come to the Colonial Market & Fair at his home: Mount Vernon in Virginia!

The Professor Thompson S. Gunn's Mysteries of Asia, the Far East, and India show is jam-packed full of excitement and laughs as he brings the skills he learned from the sadhus, the fakirs, and the mystics of those ancient and esoteric lands directly to the people of the New World! Featuring your Reverend Tommy Gunn doing things like fire-eating, fire-breathing, bed of nails, blockhead, lifto, and more - this year was his second invitation to the Fair, and he has been invited to return with a new show in 2016.

Texas ShowDown Festival 2015

FreakShow Deluxe returned to the annual Texas Showdown Festival in El Paso, TX for the ffith year in a row! Words cannot describe how much we love this amazing tattoo and music festival that we have watched grow over the years. This year's dates from July 17-19, 2015 included Ice Cube, Limp Bizcit, The Offspring, Buck Cherry, Yelawolf, Hollywood Undead and so many, many more! Plus some of the most talented tattoo artists in the business -- you gotta see it to believe it!

Here is your FSD cast and friend (left to right): Brianna Belladonna, new friend & star of Death Race - Robert LaSardo, Miss Malice Aforethought, and your Reverend Tommy Gunn

Full Throttle Saloon 2015

America's biggest biker bar, The Full Throttle Saloon, has been THE place to be during Bike Week in Sturgis, SD - and FreakShow Deluxe has been there five out of the last 6 years! August 1 - 7, 2015, FSD did shows each night in the main bar, adding to the carnival-like atmosphere! Fire, swords, whips, blockhead, pincusion, and (with the help of our special guest, Reggie) "Freak Shots" - where you could do a shot THROUGH a live freak at the bar!!

The cast included (left to right): our special guest Reggie Bügmüncher (from Olde City Sideshow) and Miss Malice Aforethought - pictured here on either side of FTS's own DJ & MC: Goat! Not pictured is Reverend Tommy Gunn.


16th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos 2015

The Gathering of the Juggalos is a yearly event near and dear to the fans of modern hip hop, rap, and especially Insane Clown Posse. And your FreakShow Deluxe was thrilled to be asked to return! FSD has been invited to appear at previous ICP events, and always had a great time (and lots of Faygo). This time, FSD headlined and afternoon show on The Carousel Stage, and put on crazy performances each night at Bizarro World!

The show was very popular - and pictures were featured of your Reverend on the Rolling Stone website HERE.

Your FSD cast featured (left to right): Miss Malice Aforethought, Kaleb Kane, special guest Angel Beau, a photgrapher adding some weight, and then your Reverend Tommy Gunn - with music mixed live by DJ Carlito and Loren was there, too! (photo by Driven By Boredom)

FSD returns to The 17th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos!

Little Darlings in Oklahoma City 2015

At the same time that your FreakShow Deluxe had shows at Kirk Von Hammett's Fear FestEvil in San Jose AND at the High Desert Tattoo Show in Lancaster - your FSD had a show in Oklahoma City! At the great Little Darlings in OKC, FSD was a featured part of the InkSlingers Ball!

April 9-11, 2015, Miss Malice Aforethought and Reverend Tommy Gunn were doing big featured shows opposite the lovely dancers and adult star Skin Diamond. Yes - FSD does shows at adult venues, too - and a good time was had by all!!

Kirk Von Hammett's Fear FestEvil 2015

FreakShow Deluxe's own Skeleton Crew was a BIG feature of this crazy event at The RockBar Theatre in San Jose, CA for Kirk Von Hammett's Fear FestEvil! This two-day festival included performances by BIG name bands, visits and panels from the likes of Slash, John 5, Kirk Von Hammett (of course), and more; plus monster movies, collectibles, toys, and EVERYTHING horror & horror movie related!

Getting a LOT of buzz from attendees and the press (including New Noise Magazine, Stubble Music Zine, Mashable, Bloody Disgusting, and many more), which led to our own Krystal Kurio being featured as a Getty Images under the heading Step Right Up! The Evolution of the Freakshow!!

FSD's Skeleton Crew members included (left to right): Krystal Kurio, William Draven, Joey DynOmite, and the Werereverend Vincent Wolf!

Tales From the Strypt 2015

From March 6 through 7, 2015, your FreakShow Deluxe had its performers from The Skeleton Crew involved in Tales from the Strypt at RogueFest 2015! It was a VERY busy weekend - but much fun was had by all!

FSD's cast included Joey DynOmite and the Wereverend Vincent Wolf.

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